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Erik Bies, PT, DPT, MS

Erik Bies, PT, DPT, MS

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Clinic Director/Mercer Island

My Philosophy of Care

I take the time to listen to your full story and understand your goals. I am here for you if you need rehabilitation after an injury or surgery, for expanding your movement capabilities, and for rationalizing and improving your pain experience. I continuously strive to meet you where you are at in the rehabilitation process. I believe all of us can benefit from a guide with expertise to reach our goals. I will be your guide with clinical expertise and perspective along the way. I have experience working with clients that span the age spectrum, and I take pride in being a lifespan practitioner.

In addition to my clinical work as a Doctor of Physical Therapy, I started the Transformative Running Project at Movement Systems as a way of blending my running and collegiate coaching expertise to promote wellness and injury prevention. I have extensive experience working with recreational and elite runners. I am pleased to work with any ability level runner to find errors in a training program. With a clinical background as a therapist, I also am able to analyze running gait and other components of movement to develop a comprehensive plan to return to running, to begin running, and/or to improve performance.


Bachelor of Arts in Biology / Luther College

Master of Science in Human Movement and Performance / Western Washington University

Doctor of Physical Therapy / University of Washington

My Clinical Interests

  • Persistent or chronic pain management
  • Conservative care for osteoarthritis
  • Sports injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Running gait analysis
  • Running injury rehabilitation and prevention
  • Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation for athletic injuries and joint replacement
  • Falls risk reduction
  • Vertigo management

I have worked with two of the physical therapists at Movement Systems Physical Therapy on Mercer Island. They were both knowledgeable and kind and did great work. Erik has helped me through numerous physical challenges during the last five years, or more.

Karuna P.


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My Personal Story

My interest in physiology, endurance training theory, and understanding movement began when I was in high school in South Dakota. I pursued higher education with a focus in those areas at Luther College and Western Washington University. I made decisions based upon motivating experiences as a student-athlete with a goal of becoming a track and field coach, and for three years I served as an assistant coach at Western Washington University. I learned how important health and individualizing training was to performance. Having personally struggled with Achilles tendon injuries, I pursued more knowledge about rehabilitation and injury prevention through observing physical therapists and reading. I discovered that getting athletes back to sport gave me more joy than coaching the sport itself. By becoming a physical therapist, I could do that on multiple levels, not just for athletes. As I grow older, longevity has become more important to me. I continue to run, but other hobbies can take a larger share of my attention. Balance is very important to me. I spend my free time in outdoor pursuits including biking, running, hiking, skiing, and fly fishing. If there is a trout stream, powder day, or dirt single track trail, I like to be there whenever I can. I enjoy sharing those experiences with close family and friends.

Erik Bies at Movement Systems on Mercer Island has been great at targeting the PT exercises to the problem area for my teenage daughter and explaining exactly what she needs to feel to know she's working the correct muscle. Very hopeful for a full recovery!

Jacqui W.