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Josephine Ryan

I have been in healthcare for 6 years. I started as a certified nursing assistant and migrated to a restorative nursing assistant with physical therapy at rehabilitative hospitals. While I enjoyed patient care, I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare administration. I graduated in 2020 with my degree in medical billing and coding. I hope to help patients have a great experience at Movement Systems Physical Therapy, beginning with their first interaction with our care coordinator team.

I am originally from California. This is my first year as a Washington resident. I am an animal enthusiast, a history buff, and avid reader. I have a growth mindset and get excited about learning more in the ever-changing healthcare landscape. The Lead Front Office Coordinator is helping me develop my leadership skills with the hopes of making a positive difference in people’s lives.

Erin Ward, PT, DPT

Lead Physical Therapist
Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist

My Philosophy of Care

I enjoy building relationships and learning about what each individual values, so together as a team, we can create a plan to maximize your quality of life. Active participation in curating your personal goals is highly encouraged. I am passionate about education and believe each patient has the potential to learn how to become more in-tune with their body to develop improved movement patterns and strategies for independent symptom management. I strive to couple empathy and humor in every session so that patients feel validated and understood while genuinely enjoying the rehab process. I try to honor that the rehab journey can often be dynamic and fluctuating – usually demanding psychological and emotional growth as well as physical gains – and I promise to be invested in your outcome while serving as both your coach and cheerleader.


Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Science / Northeastern University

Doctor of Physical Therapy / Northeastern University

My Clinical Interests

  • Pain Management (especially chronic)
  • Sports/athletic rehabilitation
  • Running injury and prevention training
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Bone Health
  • Fall Risk Reduction and balance training
  • Concussion Management

Community Involvement/Volunteer Organizations

  • Volunteer PT at Boston Marathon
  • Volunteer massage therapist at Pan Mass Challenge


What to Look for in a Physical Therapist: Evidenced Based Practice

My Personal Story

I grew up in a small town in suburban NJ competing in soccer, basketball, softball, swimming, etc. and have tried to continue an active lifestyle into adulthood. I knew I wanted to be a physical therapist since I was in second grade because I wanted to follow in my mom’s footsteps — helping others heal and encouraging them to take ownership of their health and wellbeing. I became more involved in running and triathlons during college and through exposure to hiking in New England found that I could couple my appreciation for nature with my enthusiasm for movement. When I am not playing tennis or sailing with my partner, I can often be found reading, going to a comedy show / spoken word event, or telling someone about how much I love Carvel ice cream cakes.

Melanie Asplund, PT, DPT

Lead Physical Therapist

My Philosophy of Care

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy who enjoys working with people of all ages and from all walks of life.  You have your own unique history and place in your journey, and YOU should be at the center of your care.   As your physical therapist I am part of your team and will help you create a tailored plan to help you reach your goals.  I look forward to hearing your story and learning how I can help you live your life to the fullest.


Bachelor of Science in Molecular and Developmental Biology / University of Washington

Doctor of Physical Therapy / The George Washington University

My Clinical Interests

  • Sports/athletic rehabilitation
  • Fall Risk Reduction
  • Bone Health
  • ASTYM Certified
  • Pain Management
  • Pre and Postoperative Rehabilitation

My Personal Story

I grew up in Hawaii but fell in love with the Cascades and Puget Sound.  I graduated from UW Seattle (GO HUSKIES!) and commissioned into the US Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer (GO NAVY!). My deployments include SE Asia, Central America, and the Middle East.  I transitioned to the Reserves and became a Doctor of Physical Therapy through The George Washington University, settling down in Washington State with my family.

I love bicycling (road), weightlifting, kettlebells, and eating.  My ideal day would start with eating chocolate for breakfast followed by cycling to/from work, lifting weights and swinging ‘bells during lunch break, and playing with my kiddo until we both fell asleep.

Melanie explains everything very detail. I have only had two sessions yet I feel at ease with her.
Looking forward to my results.

Ann G.

Suzanne Sneesby

Suzanne Sneesby is our Director of Operations.  She has been working in Physical Therapy for over 27 years, first as a Physical Therapy Assistant and then in billing and management since 2000. She has a Certification in Business Administration through the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association.  She is a member of the Private Practice Administrators Network and the Washington State Physical Therapist Management Association.

Personal Interests

 Suzanne grew up in Washington and loves spending time with her family and friends.  She has two adult sons, a new granddaughter, and has been married to her High School sweetheart, Randy. Suzanne lives in Issaquah with her husband and loves singing, hosting events and a good fireplace. She also enjoys traveling, movies, sports and most games. (You could even say she is very competitive)

Suzanne has always loved helping people and knew she wanted to be like her mom who was a nurse for over 38 years. When she had her first dose of Physical Therapy, she knew that was the career for her.  Being able to help people be restored back to their active lifestyles brings such a reward.

Rachel Morin, PT, DPT

Certified Yoga Instructor
Co-Lead Physical Therapist

My Philosophy of Care

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Yoga Instructor (200hr RYT) with a special interest in movement instructors of all types, dancers, adolescent athletes, and post-surgical recovery. My goal as a physical therapist is first and foremost to keep my patients moving and doing what they love.  Whether this means keeping a dancer in class with modifications, helping a runner build back up their rhythm, or helping a teacher get back to her daily walks with her dog.  I always try to have my patients’ passions and activities sit front and center with exercises and in-clinic treatment playing the supporting role. I believe (and research is showing) that the human body is adaptable, not fragile, and that progress can be made when we push the edges of our comfort zone while ultimately respecting our body’s boundaries.  Physical therapy is a collaborative process, not an assignment and one size does not fit all.  I work together with my patients to help them understand their diagnosis and address the demands of their sport or daily activities so they can get back on track with reduced pain and improved confidence in their abilities, strength, and resilience.


Bachelor of Science in Biology / University of Washington

Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Dance / University of Washington

Doctor of Physical Therapy / University of Washington

My Clinical Interests

  • Sports/athletic rehabilitation
  • Adolescents/Teens
  • Post-surgical recovery
  • Performing Arts/Dance Medicine
  • Hypermobility
  • Yoga

Movement Systems Physical Therapy’s staff, from the front desk to the Therapist, Rachel, are professional, caring and excellent listeners. I had less discomfort as I was leaving my first appointment. The exercise program contains videos and tips specific to how I am instructed to perform the moves. It is wonderful to be moving to a pain free state all with the assistance of Rachel.

Lucille L.


The unexpected magic of telehealth-physical therapy

Community Involvement/Volunteer Organizations

 Seattle Performing Arts Medicine Free Clinic (SeaPAM)

My Personal Story

A Seattle native, I grew up in Wedgwood and received both my undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of Washington. Prior to my graduate program I worked as a dance instructor for children and teens at a local neighborhood studio.   I pursued a career in Physical Therapy, both because I was fascinated by the puzzle of the human body and because I felt there was a need for dancers like myself and extreme movers (I see you yogis and rock climbers) to have practitioners who understood their bodies, their sport and their needs.  I currently live in Snoqualmie with my husband Matt, and our pint-sized corgi Vala.

When I am not in the clinic you can find me reading, baking, practicing/teaching yoga, hiking, entertaining our dog and occasionally forcing myself to go for a run.

With 2 back issues I was referred to Movement Systems Physical Therapy and assigned to Rachel. In only three sessions Rachel has help me relieve a significant amount of back related pain through specific exercises and movement techniques. I am completely satisfied with the treatment I have received and highly recommend Rachel and Movement Systems.

Doug B.

Carrie Hall, PT, MHS


My Philosophy of Care

Movement is key to lasting health. Physical therapists are the most qualified provider to manage your movement system – a collection of systems that contribute to the act of moving from the sub-cellular to the total body level. I use a diagnostic process to determine the biologic, biomechanical, and psycho-social contributions to your painful condition. With you at the center of care, and through a dynamic and iterative process, I discover what is meaningful to you, determine what influences are blocking you from doing what is meaningful, and help you achieve your goals with compassion, empathy, education, coaching, advice, and movement-related interventions. Your time with me is a “DIY project” with me as the tutor. It is my hope that I can help you develop an appreciation that movement and exercise is safe, fun, and important for lasting health. I will teach you to “not get into your own way” when it comes to achieving your movement related goals and dreams. I hope you will permit me to be your steward to a healthy lifestyle that incorporates movement, exercise, and fitness.


Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy / Saint Louis University

Master of Health Science / Washington University in Saint Louis

My Clinical Interests

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes
  • Biopsychosocial approach to treatment of painful conditions
  • Maitland approach to manual therapy
  • Promotion of prevention, health, fitness, and wellness for all individuals through various combinations of movement-related interventions.
  • Promotion of Bone Health through high intensity loading activities

Carrie Hall is an exceptionally gifted physical therapist and business owner.  Her treatment approach is holistic, as she addresses the patterns and overall mechanics of your body, rather than treating an isolated problem area or condition.  She listens and guides without judgement and instills confidence to keep you moving forward.  Carrie’s style is practical, realistic and no nonsense.  She has a wealth of knowledge based on her professional and personal experiences. The sessions are interesting and I always learn something new.  With the onset of the global pandemic, she quickly adopted best practices for the safety of her associates and clients and continues to make changes as she learns new information.  I cannot say enough good things about my experience at Movement Systems Physical Therapy and feel fortunate that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Carrie Hall.

Rebekah S.


Volunteer Organizations

Director on the Leadership Board of the Arthritis Foundation for the Northwest Region

Payment Committee APTA Washington

Western Washington At-Large Panel Director APTA Washington

Nominating Committee Private Practice Section American Physical Therapy Association

Following profound orthopedic trauma six and a half years ago, I worked with many Physical Therapists before finding and sticking with Carrie Hall and her team. Movement Systems is, in a class by themselves. While I never wanted to give up on getting my leg back, I had serious doubts about the degree to which it’s possible. But there is a reason why Carrie’s PT book is now in its FOURTH edition for its popularity in classrooms where PT is taught. She has unparalleled genius for this stuff and shares it generously among everyone on her team. They collaborate with one another and make recovery miracles possible when their clients practice what these therapists teach. I’ll never go anywhere else again!

David M.

My Personal Story

When I am not seeing patients, I am busy with various writing projects, managing my Company and teaching. I read everything Brene Brown has written and consume numerous podcasts on a plethora of topics from mindfulness, to cooking, to history.  I enjoy cooking and watching cooking shows (yes, I am that ONE), hiking, biking, SUP, tennis, and weightlifting (so I can eat all that I cook) I have three grown daughters, a dog, a cat, many friends, and a committed partner that fill me with love.

After a car accident over a decade ago, I’ve been to many physical therapists over the years with little results. I heard of Carrie Hall as a powerhouse in the field after she taught a seminar to my therapist’s entire clinic. As soon as I moved to Seattle, I contacted MSPT and never looked back. The results and improvement I’ve made in my time at the clinic exceeds all of the progress I ever made in my years with other providers. Each member at Movement Systems is kind and professional. There is a wide variety of specialties offered so I could grow with different therapists as my needs evolved without the need to look for a different clinic when my progress plateaued. Appointments with Carrie are unparalleled, though. She offers empathic and encouraging support, bringing a highly-skilled big picture strategy to complex cases while expertly leading the clinic. I recommend Movement Systems to everyone I know. It also helps that the clinic is in a prime location and provides stunning views of Lake Union that are therapeutic all on their own.

Lanie W.