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Movement Systems RUN | Coaching | Performance Enhancement | Health Optimization

  • Erik Bies, PT, DPT, MS leads the Movement Systems Run program.  Erik is a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a Master’s Degree in kinesiology and exercise physiology.  Prior to becoming a practitioner, Dr. Bies was an All-American 400m-800m runner and NCAA running coach.  He believes that by combining his knowledge of the movement system and exercise physiology with his experience as a runner, he can help you to become your best as a runner – whatever your end goal may be.
  • Dr. Bies leads an all paces running group and mini-workshops at the Mercer Island location at 8435 SE 68th St. Suite 100.  Runners are taken through the local trails and neighborhoods.  This program is free to the public.
  • Additional Paid Services include:
    • Non-injury related treadmill and land based gait and running analysis
    • Personalized 1:1 coaching and training plans that include resistance training to enhance performance
    • Technique optimization
    • Assessment-based injury prevention and performance strategies
    • Paid services are billed $130 per hour at the time of service

Movement Systems FIT | Fitness | Strength Training

Several of our Doctors of Physical Therapy offer personal fitness and strength training.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy combine the knowledge of the movement system with exercise physiology to develop the safest, most efficient training program – regardless of your age or ability.  One of the most popular programs is for bone health.  Our Doctors of Physical Therapy can instruct you and supervise you in the high intensity resistance training required to improve bone density.

Cost for premier fitness and strength training is $130 per hour.

Circuit Training

*Due to COVID-19, Circuit training classes are on hold until further notice. 

Restorative Yoga

*Due to COVID-19, Restorative Yoga classes are on hold until further notice. 

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