Jill McVey, DPT, ATC

Jill McVeyJill is a graduate from the DPT program at the University of Puget Sound and a certified athletic trainer.  With the dual degrees, she has a diverse treatment background, ranging from NCAA Division I athletes to stroke and spinal cord rehabilitation. Jill also has received training in aquatic rehabilitation and maintains an interest in treating neurodegenerative movement disorders.

Jill's orthopedic training dates back to 2000 as a participant in Oregon State University's athletic training program; she subsequently became board certified and continues to work all levels of athletics.

A former elite fastpitch softball player and sprinter, Jill is no stranger to physical activity. In 2012 she decided to learn how to roller skate, and in 2013 she was drafted to skate with the Rat City Rollergirls. Jill skates under the pseudonym "Jill Nye the Science Guy" and captains the Derby Liberation Front, one of Rat City's home teams. After three years of skating, coaching, and teaching, Jill has identified movement pattern dysfunctions specific to skaters to help extend the careers of skaters and roller derby athletes.

Outside of roller derby, Jill collects music and LPs, DJs; she enjoys weight training (particularly power lifting and kettlebells), hiking, and camping. She and her husband are owned by three spoiled rotten cats.

Contact: jmcvey@movementsystemspt.com