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South Lake Union (Seattle)



1200 Westlake Ave N, Ste #100
Seattle, WA 98109



Parking Instructions:

Our South Lake Union location is in the AGC building at 1200 Westlake Ave N, Suite 100.  The AGC Building is connected to the drive-thru Starbucks on Westlake.  We are on the first floor at the marina level. If you enter at the Starbucks level, take the elevator to the first floor.  Suite 100 is on your left.

Public parking is available in-between Westlake Ave N, and the walking and biking trails. Enter into the Public parking strip at Kenmore Air entrance to access 4-hour parking. Fee for public parking is $.50/hour from 9AM to 4:00 PM, Mon-Fri, and free on holidays and weekends.  North of the building is ALL DAY parking.  As an alternative, Republic parking is at the marina level adjacent to AGC building. The fee for Republic parking is $9 for the first hour, and $3.50 for the second hour with a discount sticker obtained at the front desk.  NOTE: The first 30 minutes of parking in the Republic lot is free for those that need to be dropped off in front of the first floor entrance.  It is a short walk to Suite 100 (to the right of the elevators).