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Online Fitness Recommendations

by Terri Sullivan, PT, DPT, Orthopedic Clinical Specialist



You’re at home due to COVID-19.  You’re going stir crazy.  You can’t go to the gym.  You’ve been exercising outside acknowledging the 6 foot social distancing rule, but you want something more.  Something you can do at home when the weather is crummy or it’s dark outside.  Here are several blogs and free apps that are available to help keep yourself active and in shape. 

This was recently recommended to me by a fellow practitioner and they thought the women who created it does a great job with providing several levels and modifying exercises to help those remotely.  Initially, it’s free, but you can pay for more. 


This is also a more female based workout app and you have to pay to sign up, but they have several options depending on your needs. 


7 Minute Workout
I’ve had several patients recommend this app to me.  Granted, you have lots of time right now, but this is a great way to fit exercise while working from home and taking care of family matters.  Oh, and it’s free! 


Are you lonely at home and want to feel a part of an exercise community?  This is another great exercise app that is also free and has options to pay for more services. 


As for yoga, here is one app and one streaming option: 

Down dog
This is a wonderful, free app that I’ve recommended to many patients.   You can choose the level of expertise, the length of time you have, the type and what you want to target.  It’s awesome because you can download it on your phone and do it anywhere! 


Yoga with Adriene
I stream this women’s website often for my own practice and I recommend this all the time.  She is very mindful about cues, she goes slow, and there are a multitude of free videos available online.   Plus, I love her dog Benji! 


Stay healthy and safe out there!   


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