Physical Therapy

The movement system encompasses the functional interaction of all body structures that contribute to the act of moving.

We are providers of a unique physical therapy approach that involves the diagnosis and treatment of movement impairment syndromes, injury prevention and the promotion of fitness, health and wellness.

In addition to skilled examination and evaluation of movement impairment syndromes, MSPT provides the following services:

Individualized exercise prescription: In addition to traditional therapeutic exercise prescription, MSPT utilizes MSI techniques, PNF, McKenzie based prescription, postural restoration.

Posture and movement training: Our specialty lies in specific posture and movement training during specific exercise, functional movement patterns, and sport specific activities.


Patient related instruction: MSPT relies heavily on patient related instruction. We spend much of our time teaching you pertinent aspects regarding your condition and rationale behind the manual therapy you receive and exercises you are instructed in.


Expert manual therapy: Our highly skilled staff provides manual therapy including joint mobilization using the theories of Maitland and North American Institute of Manual Therapy (NAIOMT), strain/counterstrain, muscle energy techniques, and myofascial release.  We also offer ASTYM™, advanced soft tissue therapy. The ASTYM System originated as Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization or “ASTM” and was then known as ASTM AdvantEDGE before the name was shortened to ASTYM™.