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Spring Outside with the MSPT Team

We love the return of warmer weather and the start of outdoor exercise season. This week, we asked our staff about what they love to do outdoors in nice weather and why. As you can see, we have a staff of outdoors lovers. Check out our outdoor interests and pick the therapist who can best help you get back to your favorite outdoor activities. We would love to help you get back to the fun!

Abby Halpin, DPT, Seattle
I enjoy anything with a view. I love trail running or hiking, especially for pay-off at the top while taking in Washington’s beautiful mountain ranges. I love the smile on my dog’s face and chatting with friends along the way.

Andrea Trask, DPT, OCS, South Mercer Island
Being outdoors puts my soul at peace – especially in the sun. I can feel myself relax the second I go outside on a sunny day. I have always loved hiking, but now I especially love being able to get my whole family exercising together, and I actually like the extra workout of carrying a 30-lb kid on my back (plus when it’s sunny, they usually sleep part of the hike!).

Betsy Rigsbee, DPT, OCS, COMT, South Mercer Island
I have just started gardening for the first time and I love it. I like getting my hands dirty, the smell of soil, and the feel of earth in my hands. I appreciate all the colors plants, trees and flowers provide us. I love doing many things outdoors but I absolutely love the smell right after it rains. And I truly feel energized by being in sunlight, so if it’s nice enough outside I’ll take any portable outside and do it on my patio.

Carrie Hall, PT, MHS, President and Owner
Warm weather brings me back to paddle boarding, biking, and hiking.  These are my most pleasurable activities to combine the joy of fitness with the purity of nature.  I am definitely a warm weather outdoor enthusiast!

Corley McBeth, DPT, Seattle
I like getting back to hiking when the weather gets nicer. I enjoy taking my fitness outdoors and I like a challenge – the longer and steeper the hike, the better. We are lucky here in Seattle to be relatively close to so many hiking trails!

Erica Clark, PT, DPT, South Mercer Island
My family and I enjoy boating as the temperatures warm up in the Northwest. Whether it is on the shores of Lake Washington , the waters of the great Puget Sound or the San Juan Islands the beauty and enjoyment is boundless.

Erik Bies DPT, MS, South Mercer Island
Living in Washington is like being on permanent vacation. As the seasons change, my view of “nice weather” changes too. Once spring rolls around though, spring skiing, flyfishing, and golfing can all be done in the same day! I call it the Trifecta. When I don’t have as much time to spoil myself with those activities, a run or walk by the river and through the woods with my wife and border collie is just right.

Jill McVey, DPT, ATC, Seattle
After a perspective-shifting trip to NYC last year, I now like to use nice weather here to explore Seattle with my “tourist” eyes – that is, to see my city in different ways.

Directly inspired by my NYC trip, my husband and I now enjoy taking a “city walk” on weekends. We take a bus to a neighborhood with which we are unfamiliar, then explore it for hours on foot, usually culminating with a meal at a new-to-us restaurant. It’s a low key way to get some miles of walking in and learn about different spaces in Seattle.

After the sun goes down, I like to strap on my roller skates and roll up and down Alki. I get to watch the last ferries crossing the sound, the lights from downtown and the stadiums, and the south end of Magnolia. Alki is quieter at night but still alive with bonfires and people walking on the beach.

When it’s really hot I like to take a kayak out on the water from Lincoln Park and paddle up and down the coastline. I get to see a side of Seattle that’s nearly impossible to get from the road and get to keep my eyes out for all sorts of birds, seals, and even an elusive orca or two.

Joanna Wu, Front Office Coordinator, South Mercer Island
I enjoy running outside but when we move into the summer months, I love swimming outdoors.  There’s something about swimming outdoors that is different than swimming indoors. At least for me it’s 100x more fun. Being able to look up and see bright blue skies (instead of a ceiling) makes me happy.

Julianne Simpson, DPT, Seattle
I bike all year, rain or shine. When the weather gets better, I love riding through the smells of springtime and having cherry petals getting stuck in my hair! This summer I also plan on getting in a few surf days. There’s nothing better than sitting on a sunny PNW beach! I also look forward to being barefoot as much as I can in the nice weather.

Kendall Wisehart, DPT, ATC, Seattle
Literally anything! Walking, hiking, sking. Once the weather starts to get nice again it reminds me of just how wonderful the PNW can be. Nicer weather also means longer days and increased energy to go out and enjoy all the sights and sounds.

Lexi Pearce, Front Office Coordinator, Seattle
I just love walking around outside and walking to places that I’d normally drive to when the weathers not great. My partner and I usually try to go to the park so we can be in nature, and it’s always a bonus to walk down to the dog park to watch the puppies playing in the water at Magnuson.

Roxanne Lewellyn, Front Office Coordinator, Seattle
I started playing Ultimate Frisbee this year and love playing, especially while the weather is nice. The community is very welcoming and fun, and I love the social aspect of it in addition to the game itself, being part of a team really helps me stick to it. I never thought that I would play a team sport for the first time in my adult life, but it is a blast, a great cardio work out, and I’m so glad I started!

Terri Sullivan, PT, DPT, OCS, Seattle and Gig Harbor
I love to bike and run outside most of the year for a variety of reasons.  I feel like the change in terrain and inclines/declines provide more of a challenge and variety for the musculoskeletal system, causing adaptations mentally and physically during the activity to make it more fun and stimulating.  But what I really love doing in the outdoors is hiking on a secluded trail in the mountains, being surrounded by nature and taking in all the pleasures for the senses.

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