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Julianne Simpson, PT, DPT

Julianne Simpson, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

My Philosophy of Care

I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy with a specialization in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy who is passionate about empowering patients to understand their bodies and live healthier, movement-rich lives. I put listening at the core of my role as a physical therapist and listen to patients’ full stories because knowing the big picture lets me treat your whole person. I recognize that your prior experiences impact your movement patterns and life. I use a trauma-informed lens, experience, current research, and an understanding of my patients, to craft personalized treatment plans. At subsequent sessions, I dig deeper, looking for the source of your symptoms, often finding movement patterns, connective tissue restriction, or muscle imbalance that contributes to movement dysfunction. I educate my patients on their anatomy, condition, and treatment, allowing us to reach goals together.

Embarking on a rehabilitation journey is an important first step to improving your life, your health, and movement system. We often come to physical therapy, especially pelvic physical therapy, unsure of what to expect. You can expect that: 1) You are the boss. 2) I am your steward on your rehabilitation journey. 3) Me to encourage you to be your best self. 4) If you are coming for pelvic PT, we will decide together if an internal (vaginal or rectal) exam is indicated for you.


Bachelor of Arts in History / Oberlin College

Doctor of Physical Therapy / Eastern Washington University

My Clinical Interests

  • Pelvic health rehabilitation for all genders including treatment for pelvic dysfunction related to:
    • Endometriosis & painful periods
    • Pregnancy & childbirth recovery
    • Prostatitis
    • Incontinence of all types
    • Pelvic pain
    • Pelvic joints (sacroiliac, pubic symphysis, tailbone (coccyx)
    • Hip joints and lumbar spine
    • Overactive bladder/ chronic bladder pain
  • General orthopedic physical therapy
  • Post-surgical care
  • Proving trauma-informed care
  • Fascial mobilization techniques for joints, soft tissue, and organs including cupping and gua sha
  • Postural Restoration theory
  • Movement Systems Impairment Syndromes theory
  • Work injuries
  • Chronic pain & pain management

I had an appointment with Julianne Simpson and had a great experience! Movement Systems PT is taking public health precautions very seriously with consistent requirements for both PTs and patients to wear masks (including extra masks for those who need it), temperatures taken for both PTs and patients before each appointments, social distancing, and many cleanings of equipments as well as frequent hand washing requirements. Overall, everyone is very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Caroline K.


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Community Involvement/Volunteer Organizations

Seattle Pelvic Health Journal Club, International Continence Society,

My Personal Story

Originally from Massachusetts, I migrated to the big trees, water, and mountains of Washington 20+ years ago. My first exposure to physical therapy was following an Ultimate Frisbee injury and with the help of my amazing physical therapist returned to Ultimate more fit and with more knowledge of how to stay safe on the field. After several years of consideration, I decided that a career change to physical therapy would allow me to combine my love of people, movement, health, and one-on-one education. My and my husband’s home life revolves around their two young children. They all enjoy trips to the farmer’s market, cooking, cycling on a cargo bike, gardening, camping, dance, playground trips (Yes, she is that mom on the monkey bars!) and learning more about fairies, dinosaurs, and trucks. When she has adult time, Julianne enjoys, surfing in PNW waters, multi-day bike rides, rock shows, and cooking complicated meals. She dreams of raising her children to be kind, cycling over the Alps, and surfing in Alaska.

I've been treated by Julianne Simpson at Movement Systems for a few months following a car accident. She is very knowledgeable and helpful. I've experienced significant reduction in my neck and shoulder symptoms since I've been working with her and expect the improvement will continue. She's a good listener and a joy to team with in my recovery.

Kathy B.