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Texts4Mom – Happy Mother’s Day!

by Bridget Dwyer

Happy Mother’s Day! This week, we invited our friend from Fit4Mom Seattle, Bridget Dwyer, to write a guest blog post about motherhood, community and being active. Movement Systems physical therapists are here to support you in your active life. Our PTs can help you with incontinence, pelvic pain, diastasis rectus abdominis and a whole host of other issues. Enjoy her post!

One of my favorite texts every Mother’s Day is the group text from my mom friends.  Every year, we take a moment to wish each other a Happy Mother’s Day.  And every year, we get a chance to think about how lucky we are to have found our little village.  Motherhood isn’t meant to be done alone.  It’s not a solo sport, it’s a team.  Behind those key players of partners and family, your Village is your backup.  Your 6th man on the bench. The women you text when you are Just. Going. To. Lose. It. Today.  The ones who you ask what the hell to do about hemorrhoids because everything you Google looks scary and you’re too embarrassed to ask anyone else.  The ladies who have seen you at your most hormonal and pregnant and are STILL your friends.

To me, the absolute best part about Motherhood (aside from my actual children) is the people that it’s brought into my life.  I found my Village in a Stroller Strides class and in a Run Club. On those early morning stretches of concrete, with no phones to distract us, and no kids to chase after, we had the chance to just be ourselves, and to connect with each other.  Other friends found their Villages in their Co-Op preschool, as they worked together.  We know that Motherhood can feel isolating, to be stuck at the mercy of a baby’s schedule and needs.  It’s a time in our lives when it can feel extra hard to put ourselves on the priority list, behind all of those things we *should* be doing.  And it’s okay.  Friendship happens when we are accepted for who we truly are.  When we open up and let someone in.  Motherhood, which was so lonely at first, became my doorway into a Village of women that I cherish.  Find your people.  And send them a text on Mother’s Day to say “Thanks for being my Village”.

Bridget Dwyer: Boy mom, FitPro, runner.  Forever chasing down my wild and crazy dudes.  Come join me on the trail or in a FIT4MOM workout.

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